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Welcome to our design studio, where we re-define spaces to seamlessly adapt to the ever evolving needs. At our core we blend an array of textures and finishes; crafting environments that transcend time and trends. 

Our approach isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about functionality with a purpose. By harmonizing textures and playing with diverse finishes; we create rooms that resonate with the individuality of each homeowner. 

This deliberate fusion achieves more than visual appeal. It fosters an environment that effortlessly shifts with the rhythms of life. The spaces we craft are dynamic. Effortlessly transitioning from cozy havens for relaxation to vibrant hubs for productivity. Effortlessly adapting to the changing needs of those who call them home.

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Our Collaborative process


Consultation No. 1

Upon receipt of your completed Discovery Form, we’ll schedule a meeting to collectively review your responses.

This session will serve to confirm the brief, ensuring a thorough understanding of your goals, and addressing any queries you might have.


Site Visit & Measurements

Based on your selected package and the project’s scope, we’ll either provide a comprehensive “How to Measure” guide or coordinate a convenient visit to collect measurements and photographs.


Concept Design

Once the space’s measurements are in hand, we’ll kickstart the concept design phase, initiating the spatial planning process.


Consultation No. 2

Upon completion of the initial design draft, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to present the proposal.

During this session, we’ll also delve into a design mood board, thoroughly exploring color palettes and finishes together.



Each project’s journey to materialize your vision is unique, yet our commitment remains unwavering.

We are dedicated to collaborating in every capacity necessary, ensuring a harmonious convergence of timelines, budgets, and relevant vendors for your project.


Our Collaborative process

Virtual Interior Design Package

Full Service Interior Design Package

Color Consulting

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Meet Your Designer

Hey There! I’m Heather Boggess, the founder of Haus Collective. Our drive at Haus Collective stems from a deep passion for crafting spaces that seamlessly blend elegance with practicality.

We’re committed to creating environments that inspire and authentically reflect your individual narrative. For an in-depth look into our journey and design philosophy, visit our “About Us” page.

Interior Designer


View The Gallery

View The Gallery


Getting Started

Ready to transform your space into a personalized haven that evolves with you? Let’s embark on a journey to reimagine your home. 

Contact me today to begin shaping a space that mirrors your unique essence while embracing functionality and style. Together, let’s craft an environment that seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle, creating a timeless sanctuary for you and your family.

A warm and inviting living room featuring earthy tones and textures. The space showcases a cozy brown textured accent wall paired with a contrasting grey textured accent wall. A cream couch with beige throw pillows offers a comfortable seating option, while green plants and a throw blanket add natural elements and pops of color. A stylish glass coffee table serves as a focal point, accented by sophisticated black lamps that provide ambient lighting. The harmonious blend of earthy tones and textures creates a welcoming and serene atmosphere in the room.
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