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Discover Our Comprehensive Services Catering to Your Vision and Needs.

Essential Refresh

This package is perfect for those seeking a quick update. It includes a comprehensive design mood board, a virtual consultation, and detailed design recommendations tailored to your space. Ideal for smaller areas or specific room makeovers.

Complete Transformation

 For those envisioning a complete overhaul, this package offers a comprehensive design plan. It includes in-person consultations, spatial planning, mood board presentations, 2D renderings, personalized vendor recommendations, and project management support from conception to execution. Ideal for full-home renovations or major room design transformations.

Custom-Crafted Opulence

Tailored to your specific needs, this bespoke package offers a blend of virtual and in-person consultations, custom design concepts, detailed 3D renderings, personalized shopping lists, and ongoing design support. Perfect for those seeking a unique, luxury experience and a highly personalized touch in every aspect of their space.

Color Consulting

Color consulting involves a specialized approach to selecting the perfect color palette for your space. Through a meticulous analysis of your preferences, existing decor, lighting, and the ambiance you seek, our experts provide tailored recommendations. This comprehensive guidance ensures that the chosen hues harmonize seamlessly, elevating the atmosphere and reflecting your unique style, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment that resonates with your vision and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services typically cost?
We specialize in both Full-Service Interior Design and Virtual Interior Design, each featuring unique pricing models. Our commitment is to offer competitive rates that mirror our expertise and dedication to every project. In our Virtual Interior Design, we present straightforward, fixed-rate packages. Conversely, our Full-Service Interior Design adopts an hourly rate structure, tailored to the intricacies and scale of each project. Please contact us for a quote that best suits your project needs
What is the timeframe for a virtual Design project?

Our rhythm aligns with the project's momentum. Generally, Virtual Interior Design projects span approximately two to three months, encompassing the entire process from initiation to completion.

What is the difference between full service interior design and virtual interior design?

Full Service Interior Design encompasses expansive projects, comprising in-person consultations, thorough project oversight, on-site visits, furniture acquisition, and direct installation. On the other hand, Virtual Interior Design offers a versatile, remote solution, focusing on individual spaces to craft personalized design blueprints and shopping guides, empowering you to implement them at your own pace, aligning with your schedule and budget.

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