Rubber Duckies to High School Hallways

Today, we’re diving into one of our recent projects: a Teen-worthy bathroom makeover! If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with the chaotic scene in the bathroom, resembling more of a toy store aisle than a place for hygiene. One misstep and you might find yourself slipping on a rubber duckie, risking injury. From potty training mishaps to the constant clamor of cabinets and drawers, and toothpaste splattering mirrors, years of wear and tear can leave your bathroom begging for a refresh.

The big question arises: How do you create a design that’s both durable and adaptable to your kids’ evolving needs throughout their childhood?

Upon my initial meeting with the client, it was evident that crafting a space suitable for her pre-teen boys was paramount. Our goal was to strike a balance, ensuring the room didn’t feel overly mature yet wasn’t too juvenile for the boys. We aimed to establish a design aesthetic that would seamlessly transition with them into their high school years. As you can see, our starting point was rather uninspiring.


Bathroom renovation - Before
Bathroom Renovation



Starting with the custom-built vanity, my client knew that she wanted to infuse the space with hints of blue. Our primary hurdle? Nailing the ideal shade — not too muted, nor too bold. Choosing the paint color presented an added complexity due to lighting dynamics. Given that the room’s natural light often gets blocked by the shower curtain or water closet door, it was crucial to pick a blue hue that wouldn’t skew purple or gray under such conditions.




After deliberation, we settled on Cadet Blue by Benjamin Moore.  The vanity served as the perfect anchor piece for the bathroom. Knowing that the rest of the finishes would be more subdued we paired the blue vanity with a Calacatta countertop and to infuse a youthful vibe into the room, we opted for a neutral hex tile on the floor.

Bathroom Renovation - New Tile
Bathroom Renovation - Shower Design



For shower walls, we chose a 2”x8” glazed ceramic tile from Bedrosians, boasting a glossy finish with an enchanting mix of tones. This variation in colors seamlessly complemented the flooring and countertops.

To add a touch of refinement, we adorned the shower with brushed brass plumbing fixtures, enhancing the overall aesthetic.



After extending the Kohler x Studio McGee plumbing fixtures into the vanity area, we noticed that the wall behind the vanity felt bare and in desperate need of attention. While considering various options such as wallpaper, we ultimately decided against it due to concerns about moisture damage and wear over time. Instead, we opted for vertical shiplap to introduce a hint of organic texture. Completing the space with matte black mirrors and hardware added a modern and masculine flair, giving these sweet boys a bathroom to enjoy for many years to come

Batrhoom Renovation - Vanity Mirror
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