Step into Spring- Small Changes, Big Impact

April has arrived and I can already feel my spirits lifting.  I wouldn’t say that I experience true seasonal depression but there is a certain amount of gloom that looms all around when the trees are bare, temps are low and skies are gray.  Something about sunshine and wild flowers just soothes my soul. 

Along with my much more pleasant disposition that has arrived is my neurotic need to spring clean and refresh my spaces.  I try to “Marie Kondo ” our home 2-3 times a year, usually this falls during Spring, End of summer as kids are getting ready to go back to school, and inevitably around Christmas time.  I find that my clean outs and refreshes are most effective and enjoyable when there’s specific motivation spurring them.   For the sake of today’s post and your attention span, let’s focus on Spring!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned over the years is that we humans have an innate need to experience newness.  Sometimes this comes after a season of grief or stress, sometimes it’s as we are approaching a new and exciting season of change and want our environment to embody our mindset and inspire us.  Or perhaps it’s as simple as giving our home a little splash of sunshine to dull the feeling of emptiness that now resides where our Christmas tree once stood.  Whatever your reason, season, or  your budget, here are some great ways to welcome spring into your home.


This is probably the easiest way to change the look of your space.  Whether it’s your sofa, bed, or sitting chairs, swapping out your pillows for different seasons and holidays is one of the most underutilized concepts.  Before you say it, yes, I know how much room storing extra pillows can consume which is why I opt for swapping out pillow covers.  Not only is this a much more environmentally sustainable option, it will save you money in the long run. As much as I love visiting the pillow aisle of Home Goods or Target for quick finds, I have found that the quality doesn’t quite hold up for more than a season or two at best. Instead, I prefer to source from vendors who have mastered their craft and stand behind their work.   Laurel and Blush and Danielle Oakley Shop  are two of my absolute favorite companies to purchase pillow covers from.  I typically pair the covers with a down alternative pillow insert (remember to order one size larger than your cover!). These covers wash well and store easily in your linen cabinet. 

Interior design throw pillow and blanket

Throw blankets

Another simple way to bring in some new color and looks.  For this- especially if you have kids or pets, go crazy at Home Goods or Target.  My kids love holiday inspired throw blankets, and love even more to cuddle our dogs with said blankets.  I’m currently crushing on this adorable blanket from PB Teen with its multi colored Pom trim for my daughters bedroom.  For my family room, I’ll opt for something more subtle to stay cohesive with my color palette and decor style like this Hearth and Hand knitted throw. 

Picture Frames

For some reason, I love picture frames.  Maybe it’s from my childhood, growing up, my grandmother had Shelving units throughout her home,  proudly garnished with framed photos of her loved ones, souvenirs (trinkets) from her trips abroad, and countless photo albums to which I never tired of perusing.  I certainly don’t hold a candle to my Grams’ photo display, but I do love to keep some of my favorites framed and ready for adorning eyes.   I keep a borderline hoarder amount of picture frames in our storage cabinet and swap out frames 1-2 times a year.  During the holidays I like to use something a little more ornate, and during spring/summer I opt for a more organic feel, like wood or natural stone.   My kids tend to choose more vibrant colors for their rooms which is always fun to see.  Along with swapping out frames and updating photos, try placing them in different areas for a fresh feel and look. 


These are another way to add layers, texture, and a new micro-space. Trays can be used in almost any room and on any surface. There are endless options when it comes to selecting the tray style, rattan, wood, metal, marble…. You really can’t go wrong.  I recommend adding no more than 2-3 decorative items to it and keeping plenty of negative space available.  If you prefer a maximalist look, however, you can feel free to fill it up. Just try to keep everything balanced, purposeful, and complementary of each other.

Decorative tray with a candle and succulent.

Last but not least, Candles! Let me start by saying I am a creature of habit.  I have my established scent for my home and very rarely stray from that, however, over the years, I’ve come to enjoy adding new scents into my rotation, especially during the  holidays.  I have my fall candles and my Christmas candles which are more warm and earthy, so spring of course calls for something light, airy and cheerful.  I Tend to lean toward more of a clean, citrus scent, so the Capri Blue Volcano is my go-to for my home. Luckily, Capri Blue is great about offering the candle in a plethora of colors and patterns which I take full advantage of for my spring refreshes.  A little secret for you, the Bath and body works Midnight Blue citrus is dang near spot on as a dupe! 

The most important factor in refreshing your space is to make choices that reflect YOU and what YOU love. After all, this is your home. 

Happy Spring, Y’a

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